Frequently asked questions about MindFlow and Microdosing

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing involves taking a very small, sub-perceptual dose of the psychedelic compound found in Truffles. This dose is typically around 1 grams of fresh truffles, which is much lower than a typical recreational dose that can range from 10-15 grams.

The goal of microdosing  is to experience subtle benefits without the full-blown effects of a psychedelic trip. Most common reported benefits include: improved creativity, focus, and mood, as well as decreased anxiety and depression symptoms.

Many people who have tried microdosing  report feeling more positive, focused, and creative. They also report an increased sense of empathy and social connectedness. Some people who suffer from conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD have reported that microdosing has helped to alleviate their symptoms.

There are also potential long-term benefits to microdosing . It has been shown to increase neuroplasticity, which can help the brain adapt and change positively. This may improve cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

How does this work exactly?

Microdosing Psilocybe is a naturally occurring compound found in truffles and certain species of mushrooms.

It offers a holistic and natural approach to mental health, which many people find appealing. By addressing the root causes of mental health issues rather than just masking symptoms, it can provide long-lasting benefits that can transform people's lives.

The benefits have been studied for decades and it has been shown to have a wide range of potential benefits, including improving mood, reducing anxiety and depression, increasing creativity, and enhancing spiritual experiences. It has been shown to promote new neural connections and can lead to lasting positive changes in the brain.

In conclusion, psilocybe is a powerful tool for mental health that has been studied for decades and has shown promising results. With its minimal side effects, non-addictive properties, and potential to promote lasting positive changes, it offers a natural and holistic approach to mental health that can help people achieve a better quality of life.

I am interested in microdosing, how do I start?

Upon Purchase of “The Journey” you receive an A-Z Video-Guide on how to start your cycle and how to maximize its benefits with loads of other content designed to change your life.

Don't worry; we’ve taken care of everything for you so you can reach your highest potential completely stress-free.

Is microdosing suitable for me?

Yes! We believe this is suitable for everyone. If you are under medication or anything medical related: We recommend checking with your doctor first.

What kinda people microdose?

Microdosing is used by self-aware people who want to elevate their life, mindset, creativity, focus, spirituality and consciousness to higher states of being. Its used by people who want to reach the fullest potential of their lives, the natural way.

Many people use it to solve their depression, negative thinking, anxiety and other mental health related issues. People are looking for safe and effective natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals for mental health issues.

Where do the truffles come from?

The Netherlands!

Can you microdose and work out?

Microdosing can be an amazing attribute to your workout because it boosts your cognitive functions, resulting in better performance. You become more aware of your own body and more aware of what and how you’re performing.

Athletes in top sports experience an improvement in their endurance and performance ability. Especially in concentration, coordination, balance, and reflexes. It's also easier to come into the  “flow state” which describes a mental state in which a person is completely focused on a single task or activity. You direct all of your attention toward the task, and don’t experience many thoughts about yourself or your performance. Also known as being “in the zone.”

Can you microdose and drive a car?

Driving while microdosing is possible. however, making such a decision is totally up to you. We recommend not to drive a car when you take a microdose for the first time or if you feel that you’ve taken a too-high dose.

So, the first experiment for you is to test what’s too much or too little. As soon as the microdosing is too overwhelming, you have taken too much and should not participate in traffic.

Is microdosing addictive?

Truffles containing have not been found to cause physical addiction, but it is important to remain vigilant about one's relationship with the substance. Microdosing can increase self-confidence and a sense of flow, which may be attractive to some individuals due to the positive effects of Psilocybe. Microdosing is not addictive to a healthy, conscious, and thinking person.

However, it is crucial to understand that the addictive potential of microdosing depends on individual mental health and intentions for use.

Does the package fit through the letterbox?

Our service is optimized so you can start microdosing as soon and as stress-free as possible. Your order will be packed in a package that fits through a normal letterbox at all times. This way, the process will not be delayed if you cannot receive it.

Do you ship to my country?

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Can you microdose and drink alcohol?

Yes and no.

It is possible to microdose and drink alcohol, although we do not recommend it.

The alcohol drastically lowers the beneficial effects of microdosing, and your own vibration.

Therefore, we recommend that you take your microdosing in a sober state so that you can benefit the most from it in your daily life. And if possible, stay off alchohol within your cycle.

Still have questions?

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