It's about being a light in the dark ;)

We want you to be able to find rest, clarity and purpose in your life. Like all of us at MindFlow: To live more happy, fulfilled and healthy lives.

The Problem is Clear

The world had become an increasingly scary and stressed place. Young adults, children and elders are all batteling with the stress of modern society.

Cost of Depression
Suicides annually
Increase in therapy
5w +
Waiting lists

MindFlow Values

We believe in the highest quality of products, service and healing.


We want to make the best version of you as accessible as possible. We Thrive in and for your growth.


We Vibrate within high quality: Within our products, our connection with the community and the journey of which we aspire to bring you in.


Your mental health is a project: You’re never alone; we’re in this together. We stimulate creating your own support system through our community.


Harmony within nature and yourself. Thats the core foundation of what Mindflow is. We are here to build a harmonious relationship within.

Loved by our customers

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The great minds behind MindFlow

There's a whole chain of dedicated people and experts that all share our mission of making the world a more stress free and happy place together :)

Dylan Lorenzo
CEO & Founder

Focussed on elevating the consciousness of the human species. Passionate about Health and Natures way of healing.

COO & Operations

Business designer with a focus on operations who combinesmodern business knowledge with astrology and esoteric scienceto create a holistic and intuitive approach to business design.

Seyed Hosseini
Creative Director

Master student in Medicine VUmc Amsterdam and a proffesional designer/developer of brands and websites.

Exciting science about microdosing

We are rediscovering why our ancestors were so connected to these plant medicines

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